You Have Ten Days To Retract your Statement: Kogi NCYN Chairman, Ogohi Threatens Defamation Suit Against Rumour-Mongers

Good morning dearest Kogi Youths, state executive members of the National Youth Council of Nigeria kogi state chapter, stakeholders and government officials here present.

Today makes it 90 days I was awoken to the rude and dubious orchestrations from the State Secretary and others who believed I had wronged the Kogi council without asking questions.

The actions of the state secretary has left the state council divided along zonal and ethnic lines for most parts, all due to greed of a few, lies was used to justify and drag others into this plot.

I have endured what no one should have endured this past 90 days, I have been called a thief and looter of public properties along with many other hog-wash accusations.

While I know Leadership is a burden, I have carried too much weight this has got to stop now!

I give Umar Dansebe, Isiaka Suleiman, Mustapha Adavi Cordinator, Adabu Koto Cordiantor and all those who have defamed my person with lies 10 days to come here with their evidence starting with the screenshots attached to this and the 17 baseless accusations leveled against me or go to all blogs and retract their stories, while also going to 5 national dailies to apologize and clear my name or risk Criminal Prosecution for Defamation of character and character assassination from my lawyers.

I believe strongly that they should be honour even amongst thieves, not to talk of youth leaders claiming to be leaders of tomorrow and so lessons will be learnt the hard way from this fiasco.

You all came together to hunt me for my loyalty to certain individuals, you hurt my reputation, fucked with my mental health didn’t give a damn which drove me into depression, let it be known, that you’re liars without capacity and i will prove it even it takes throughout my time in office.

I have several screenshots and voice records which I have since handed over to my lawyers.

I must commend my Deputy Chairman, state executives and all other stakeholders who have continued to ask the relevant questions even though without answers from those behind this, don’t worry you will get answers now.

Youth Council belongs to us all, just like Kogi State is our collective property, no body get am pass the other.

Build the youth, Build the Nation, maintain the elders.

Amb. Usman Ogohi Samuel,
Chairman National Youth Council of Nigeria, Kogi State Chapter.


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