Onoja: Torrential Tears of  a Tiger – By Kingsley Fanwo

I knew Mr. Edward David Onoja briefly during his political ambition of becoming a member of the Kogi State House of Assembly. He was tactical, ferocious and highly sagacious as a young but very ambitious politician. I almost knew he won’t win the election but his tenacity of purpose showed his time would come.

Many years rolled forward, we met on the New Direction Project. When he was introduced as the Chief Strategist of the AYB Campaigns, I wasn’t surprised. He is one of the most organized young men around; a tenacious goal getter and an uncompromising achiever.

His campaign ideas were top-notch. I was impressed listening to him over and over again. He hates failure and will do anything within the arc of legality to be successful.

Prior to the primaries, the New Direction Campaigns organized wonderful and innovative programmes such as manifesto orientation for coordinators as well as a well articulated manifesto, unrivalled by any of the over 20 aspirants to the governorship ticket of APC. I wasn’t surprised. I already knew the personae inside the dancing masquerade.

On the day of the primaries, I saw the spiritual Edward. He was galivating up and down inside the stadium, rendering supplications to God for the victory of Alh. Yahaya Bello. I remembered how Mr. Onoja, Nda Aaron and myself were galvanizing the delegates. And his words to me in the stadium:

“Fanwo, God is not a man. He has said it and He will do it. I don’t know how. But I know He will do it and Yahaya Bello will become the Governor of Kogi State”.

It came to pass. And the dream is on. The administration is the most daring in the history of the state, dismantling the foundation of fraud and rot in the State.

When people say all sort of things about him, I laugh because I know the real Eddy. He is a passion driver. He injects his dynamism and positivism in others. He gives no faith to failure.

Because of his passion and mannerisms, he steps on toes. He protects whoever or whatever he loves. He hates to love without rebuke. He rebukes when he loves. He shouts on you at the door and he is prepared to spill his blood to defend you the next minute. His name is Edward David Onoja.

I know his story will be written one day. He is a servant who is loyal. I have worked closely with him and have the pin to deflate the many misconceptions about him. He loves!

When those tears touched the ground of Okpo, many messages were passed. A Christian who is highly positioned has shown a good example of religious tolerance. He has shown that we are all one people. He has shown that we have no reason to kill anyone for religious reasons. He has shown we all serve one God.

Beyond the structures of the beautiful edifice is a beautiful heart of service. He devotes 80% of his time thinking about the general good of the people. He is Edward David Onoja.

Even those who couldn’t make it to Okpo, those who couldn’t see the beautiful mosque, saw the beautiful mind behind the turning of a mud initiative to a brick masterclass of an architecture. He dared. He won.

Serving in the same administration with Edward David Onoja is a blessing, a lesson, a great opportunity to build an abrasive synergy towards a better Kogi State.

What our amiable Chief of Staff displayed at Okpo was what our boss keep preaching: Serve the people. Give back to the society. Preach unity.

Congratulations to the people of Okpo as a devoted Christian  marshalled the construction of a beautiful mosque.

Thank you Mr. Edward for showing the world what New Direction is all about. We will never be united until we united our minds.

Fanwo Kingsley is the Director General on
Media and Publicity to the Governor of Kogi State


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