Ododo will win with landslide votes, Rector NKFI affirms

…says consolidation good for Kogi, citizens

…Ododo’s strength, an advantage to fostering good governance

The Rector, Nigeria Korea Friendship Institute (NKFI) has expressed strong optimism on the victory of the All Progressive Congress’ candidate at the November 11, gubernatorial polls, Alhaji Ahmed Usman Ododo asserting that his consolidation agenda, is a good deal for kogi state and the people.

The Rector also said that Ahmed Ododo’s strength of character in leadership and his administrative experience, stands as an advantage to fostering good governance and leveraging on the promises of the APC government to deliver on its developmental strides in the state.

The Rector in an interview with the Press on Thursday said that In the ever-changing landscape of politics, Ahmed Ododo’s name has emerged as a beacon of triumph and with a magnetic personality and an air of mystery, Ododo has captured the hearts and minds of the people, leaving a trail of admiration and anticipation in their wake.

He added that as the political stage trembles with excitement, it becomes increasingly evident that Ododo is destined for an overwhelming victory.

The Rector said that the APC’s candidate, Ahmed Ododo is a symbol of hope and a catalyst for change, who possesses an innate ability to connect with people on a profound level.

He pointed out that his charisma and unwavering determination have earned him the trust and loyalty of a diverse range of supporters, adding that from the moment he stepped onto the political scene, he has captivated audiences with his captivating speeches and visionary ideas. With each word he utters, he casts a spell, leaving all who listen spellbound by his eloquence and conviction, he added.

According to the Rector, Ododo’s strengths including his strong track record of leadership and public service, which provides him with the necessary experience to take on the role of governor, his demonstration of a clear vision for the development and progress of Kogi State, which can help in driving positive change and growth, his possession of an excellent communication skills, enabling him to effectively convey his ideas and plans to the people of Kogi State are significant traits that stands him out.

He also noted that the party’s candidate has a reputation for being honest and transparent, which is crucial for gaining the trust of the people and maintaining good governance.

The Rector asserted that Ododo’s campaign goes beyond the pursuit of power but a journey toward a brighter future and with a vision that transcends party lines, he has promised to usher in an era of prosperity, unity, and progress.

“His well-crafted policies and innovative solutions address the urgent issues facing the nation, offering hope to those who have longed for a leader capable of bringing about significant change’’. He concluded.


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