Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu House of Reps’ Race: Olaiya Michael Olobatoke Blossoms Beyond 2023


Kabba-Bunu/ Ijumu Federal Constituency is in a period of electoral rebirth as many are vying for its National Assembly seat presently occupied by Hon. Paul Teejay Yusuf, who’s also by hearsay, running for Kogi West senate.

Irrespective of the number of candidates vying, the atmosphere is charged by supporters of various political parties but #OMO is ready and has always prepared his thorns for political victory. He has won the hearts of the people in the constituency!

Notably, High Chief Otunba Olaiya, became overwhelmingly known while in University for his undoubted and spontaneous activities in student unionism and ofcourse it is no doubt, he has demonstrated capacity in every opportunity given to him. hence, our reasons for queuing behind his aspirations at this time. His political ideology is one thing that would intrigued you if or when you have a one on one chat with him. I am not suprised though, what else would have expected from a sociologists like him if not to spring up social and interlectual principlism.

He has superb knowledge of his constituency & comprehensive intelligence of good governance.This is a recognition of his dexterity in vocal and excellent behaviour which also made him to be known as chairman of not just his company but also in the industry where he currently operates (Real Estates).

In his capacity as individual, he has consistently fronted beneficial tendencies if you’re familiar with his ways of life. His silent empowerment programmes & uncommon love for his people unveils his innate heart of giving. His qualitative humility as a person can’t be quantified. He never fails to honour lowly ones, elderly & youths. He has a number of persons/families in our constituency that he cater for without necessarily making a noise out of, cushions businesses and impacting life even beyond the shore of our area.

He’s the most popular among all aspirants in the constituency if you ask me. By critical analysis, he is stronger than Other contestants maybe weighty but not politically weighty as him. In the coming days, Otunba Olaiya will take root & blossoms beyond 2023 for democratic light that breaks like the dawn & springs up recuperation for our Federal Constituency.

Arise, O’ my people of Kabba-Bunu/Ijumu Federal Constituency! Tenaciously get your PVC and queue behind our impeccable Honorable. Let’s do it for our constituency! Let God’s Own Project sails beyond February 2023.

For a reflective representative
Olaiya Micheal Olobatoke
People’s Democratic Party – PDP
Objective Meticulous Orderly.


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