Asuku: The Chief In His Element, By Barr Shadrach Emmanuel

Pharm. Abdulkareem Jamiu Asuku is one of the Kogi State finest Chief of Staff since the inception of democratic dispensation. This is not to speak of him in a peacock term or to confer an empty adulation on his personality but as a lawyer would say, “res ipsa loquito”, the facts will always speak for themselves.

Governor Yahaya Bello as he has always done, have demonstrated political insight and sound hindsight by putting a round peg in a round hole. Thus, the choice of Pharm. Asuku as the Chief of Staff revealed his sound judgment in governance and political know-how and as it stands, Pharm. Asuku has proved worthy of the choice and in him Governor Yahaya Bello found a trusted and dependable vicar.

Those who are close or had an interaction with him will readily attest to the fact that Pharm. Asuku is not beclouded by grandeur of his office. He is man of faith, unpretentious and humble to a fault. He can be both blunt and compassionate. You won’t find in him any trace of maliciousness or ill will toward others. He possesses a virtue which is rare to find in a “conventional Nigerian politician”.

Pharm. Asuku has brought his sterling leadership virtue to bare in running his office with good intensions towards all. It is therefore not surprising as he is fasting bridging the political gap and aligning with all Kogites for the progress of the state. It is also obvious that Pharm. Asuku is not the type that feels threaten by anybody who display intelligence and resourcefulness; it is impossible to see him getting paranoid.

It is clear therefore that Pharm. Asuku’s demeanor in his political and official element exudes passion and selflessness.


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