Chance for Opposition If APC Chooses Wrong Candidate, Youth Ambassador Emphasizes

The President Kogi Youth Ambassadors has called on APC stakeholders and His Excellency Alh. Yahaya Adoza Bello to be very vigilant in choosing his survivor. As this is so technical because this is the time to bring the state together and plant ever lasting unity among the indigene of Kogi State. It is for the best interest of the state if the government of the day can consider power rotation as the best form of choosing candidate for the equity fairness and justice to reign in the state political system. The direct negative implication of choosing wrong candidate this time around is like toying the state political affair with the opposition party. We need to cast our mind back to what happened before in the political history of Kogi State especially when the Eastern dominate power and the central together with westerners are fighting tooth and nails to see the power is been shift till 2015 before God said that it’s time. Even then the westerners are still with the central in agitating for power rotation. Thanks!

Hon. Prince A A Oziandu
Kogi Youth Ambassadors


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