5 things you should never post on social media

The holidays represent a time to relax and keep off from work. It is also a time to catch up with friends and family. Are there limits to what we should post on the social media during the holidays?

Photos of others without checking first

Although you might want to share the memories of your family event with others, check first with others in the photo before tagging them or even posting the picture.  Some adults don’t want their lives made public while some parents prefer not to post pictures of their children online or prefer to monitor which photos are posted online. Respect their choice.

If someone knows the picture will be posted online and made public, they may choose to opt out and take a private photo with you later.

Remember that the only person you truly have permission to share a photo of is yourself.


The gift you didn’t like

This is a big NO. It is a season of gratitude and it will do well if you appreciate the gifts from family and friends. Well, if you don’t like the gift, the social media is not a good place for you to express your reservation. Do not post petty comments about gifts you didn’t like. Those types of comments, even if you don’t name names, can be very hurtful.

Anything that puts down other religions

This is self-explanatory enough. The holiday is not a time to criticize other religions. It is a moment of celebration, so, catch the fun and leave out derogatory comment about others and their religions.

The drama within your family

Social media is not a place to resolve family conflict. In fact, social media could create more conflict or hurt feelings. It may create a divide among other family members or friends who know your family members. It may also ruin an enjoyable family event since a majority of your other family is also on social media.

All families have secrets and you’re bound to not like every single person you’re related to. But if you want to bash your cousin or reveal some drama about an estranged great aunt, social media is not the ideal place.


Anything you wouldn’t want your boss to see

This is KEY.  We have become so comfortable with the internet that we often forget that the whole world has access to our posts.

Even if you keep your profiles on strict lock down and have privacy settings, friends-of-friends could still see—and possibly say—something to your employer. Learning to censor yourself when you’ve had a bit too much of that mulled wine or want to declare your resolution is to get a better job is a smart move.

You may want to be a viral social media superstar, but do you really want to end up there because your photo was captured while you were in a drunken stupor?


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